CITYZOOMS is a project of the up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover; it took place in the city of Hannover in May 2000 and in October 2006; and in the city of Bremen in May 2003.

CITYZOOMS Hannover, 11.-17. May 2000

Exclusively for CITYZOOMS, curators from 12 mega-cities have compiled a program of short films by young film makers from their respective cities: Experimental films, short feature films, documentaries, animation films. Films which focus on the way of life in these metropolises: : Bangkok, Hong Kong, Los Angeles / San Francisco, Manila, New York City, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo, Seoul, Stockholm and Tokyo. All the films were screened in 10 CineTainers, set up in the center of Hannover.
Together with the curators, two young film makers from each city had been invited to a workshop in Hannover to present a one-minute video film they shot about their respective home cities.
During their stay in Hannover, they produced a one-minute video clip about the city of Hannover.
Film makers having taking part a.o. : renowned young video artists / script writers Yang Fu Dong ( Beijing / Shanghai) and Boonsong Nakphoo, Prabda Yoon (Bangkok).

CITYZOOMS Bremen, 2.-11. May 2003

Exclusively for CITYZOOMS, curators from 10 mega-cities have compiled a program of short films by young film makers from their respective cities: Experimental films, short feature films, documentaries, animation films. Films which focus on the way of life in these metropolises: : Barcelona, New York City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Porto, Los Angeles, Montevideo, St Petersburg, Seoul, Bremen. The film programs have been presented in 10 overseas-shipping containers on the square in front of the Übersee-Museum in Bremen.
Together with the curators, one young film maker from each city had been invited to a workshop in Bremen to present a one-minute video film she/he shot about her/his respective home city.
During their stay in Bremen, they produced a one-minute video clip about the city of Bremen. Renowned local film musicians composed the music for each clip.

CITYZOOMS Hannover, 2006

ZOOMing in on Hannover
„How does the look that is directed at me fit in with my perceptions?“
Sophie Calle
From Tokyo to Cairo, from New York to Buenos Aires – 12 of the world’s best young international film and video artists had been invited to Hannover for a unique film production.
Together with 12 specially selected young German film makers, they roamed through the city for five days making short films based on their impressions.
For CITYZOOMS, each team was allocated its own part of the city – a zoom that it figuratively pans and is inspired by.
These zooms splitted Hannover’s city area into twelve completely new sectors.
In the course of CITYZOOMS, the teams created 12 short films, each 3 minutes long: stories, short impressions, snippets of the city...
The films were screened at the opening night and world première in
Hannover on 6. October 2006.
The project shows how intercultural collaboration can work and be transferred.
CITYZOOMS is an initiative of the up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Education as part of the film>>up project.

The film makers
Rajat Nagpal, Bombay / Birk Posseker, Leipzig
Ido Fluk, New York / Milian Kapen, Wiesloch
Liang Yue, Shanghai / Figen Ünsal ,Hildesheim
Mariana Kadlec, Sâo Paulo / Thore Schwemann , Hamburg
Ioana Joca, Bucarest / Tobias Lohmann, München
Natascha Mikhaylova, St. Petersburg / Markus Kreuz, Nürnberg
Francis Théberge, Montréal / Yannik Lüdemann, Hamburg
Sompot Chidgasornpongse, Bangkok / Nika Shek, Kiel
Federico Lamas, Buenos Aires / Julia Vogel, Berlin
Mostafa Youssef, Cairo / Max v. Armansperg, Furth im Wald
Okie Chieko, Tokyo / Jennifer Brei, München
Pedro Lino, Porto / Bora Bidik, Hannover

06_feedbacks / extracts ( film makers comments)
Ido Fluk, New York, ZOOM_10
'I'd like to start with a conclusion: CITYZOOMS was a great experience. I think CITYZOOMS is extremely important in introducing international collaboration to young filmmakers. The combination of German filmmakers and international filmmakers was just right. It was one of the best experiences I've had of this kind. The careful selection process, both for German filmmakers and for international one, was fruitful and served to bring a team of very strong individual talents from all over the world. The organization was impeccable and the support team for the event worked very hard to supply the participants with every need and to answer any question. It was just great.
Personally, I am also very proud of the work produced at the CITYZOOMS. I think the work with my partner was fruitful in bringing a new vision to life and designing a project. We will definitely send our film to festivals and screen it around the world.
I think the only down side I could think of is that CITYZOOMS doesn't happen more often in more cities in Germany/the world. It is such an important and unique event, that it deserves more support and facilitation.'

Rajat Nagpal, Bombay, ZOOM_12
'CITYZOOMS was one of the best things that could have happened to me this year apart from getting married. The idea of getting filmmakers from different regions of the world is an enlightening ecperience not just professionally but also at a personal and emotional level. Blinders are removed and perspectives are enlarged. This helps the growth of an individual and also the piece of creativity that the individual participates in. I have grown as a person considerably after just a week of interaction with strangers put together. And I am very thankful to the person/s involved in the organisation of a very professionally manged workshop.
About the process and concept:
The most impressive part of the exercise was the briefing which was about making a short which not use Voice overs, monologues, dialogues etc. or make it into a music video. The limitations are the one which made me push myself. Also what I saw at the end of the exercise were 12 absolutely different and yet so creative ways of telling a story of a given location. Brilliant.'

Mostafa Youssef, Cairo, ZOOM_04
'I have never witnessed such a melting pot of different creativity before. Why CITYZOOMS? At a time in history when we are all attacked on a daily basis with all sorts of cultural and artistic oppression, be it censorship in Egypt or big Hollywood monopolies, all this actually reflects another level of oppression. Borders, once again. The feeling that we are all separate and at the same time forced to conform to false aesthetics of the oppressors. We need to establish our space and say, we are not separate, we are all mutual, and we are all different. We as troubled youth of the 21st Century, should have our place in that world, if we cannot take it over. We as young artists should find a new language to communicate, to cross these horrible borders and create another beautiful world within ourselves. When I think back and say, “I know a great filmmaker from Argentina who inspires me” one border has already collapsed, and many more to come.'

Sompot Chidgasornpongse, Bangkok, ZOOM_2
'Participating in CITYZOOMS is one of the most fun and memorable experiences in my life. Just to be able to make a short film in a different country with all the supports I need is great enough, but to be able to meet all the talented filmmakers from Germany and all over the world is a dream comes true. I guess artists have similar mind no matter where they come from. We didn't compete. On the opposite, we helped each other. We exchanged our thoughts and ideas. And we learned from that.
Everything inspired me. And that exactly what I needed as an artist. Shooting in 2 days and editing in 1 day was a challenge but a fun one. I never made a short film in a so limited time before, but I finally made it through. The experience surely taught me a lot.'
Below (clockwise): Ido Fluk (New York), Sompot Chidgasornpongse (Bangkok), Rajat Nagpal (Bombay), Mostafa Youssef (Cairo)